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 REALLY need feedback

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Senior Producer
Senior Producer

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PostSubject: REALLY need feedback   Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:59 am

Alrighty. So, here are my 2 best trackd i've made so far.



Can i get some feedback, like, what i could add? I also could use some help on getting a good melody. I use massive, so if anyone has some good presets for melodies, please post them, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Brasart & Mihailov

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PostSubject: Re: REALLY need feedback   Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:10 am

Yop, I try to give the more feedback I can but hard dubstep just give me a headache so I'll be quick!

Right Behind You; it's 4:40 with like 2 main parts, no breakdowns, no intro, no outro, no build up/down effect. You have to put much more variations in your tracks if you want the listener to stay!
Kick and snares are exactly the same from A to Z, change grooves! Deconstruct a track of your favorite producer to see how he does to variate things!
Well at least that's where I'd began to rework.

Ba-Bang; same problems here, it just don't move! And you have equalize to your different basses (and sub-basses? i don't hear any), because it's too much chaotic, there's too much different basses sounds and they drop louder or very lower.
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Starting Producer
Starting Producer

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PostSubject: Re: REALLY need feedback   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:20 pm

Yup.. thats damn good advice there... make sure you normalize tracks to the right decibel because some people have powerful speaker systems. I know you think it sounds awesome super amped almost near -2 db lvl but you should either peak normalzie or average with scan of levels to more around -12 to -8 i'd say. People should have the option to blast/bump it if they want, you can always run an envelope to fatten up your bass if thats what your concerned about. but just look at the waveform in soundcloud its almost to the roof and floor the whole way... that's like djing with your eqs all at 5 o clock.

Also, depending on how you produce, filtering layers of tracks individually with certain effects, processes, or envelopes can have an insurmountable effect on end product
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PostSubject: Re: REALLY need feedback   

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REALLY need feedback
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